UUTE Finnish Association of New Textile Art / Helsinki

institutional member, Finland
type of institution: artist / craft / design group, association / interst group

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The Finnish Association of New Textile Art UUTE ry, was founded in Helsinki Finland in December of 2014.
The association was founded in order to promote textile art as a free and independent art form. Through it's international and local work, UUTE aims to support the visibility of both textile art and textile artists among the multiple disciplinaries of art. To achieve it's goals, UUTE collaborates with other art associations both in Finland and abroad, also creating possibilities for it's members to develop both artistic and professional skills as well as professional networks. Important methods for increasing visibility and quality of textile art are lectures, study trips, educational meetings and other networking possibilities that UUTE both arranges and participates in. Members of the association are also actively participating in art events, exhibitions as well as performance based and educational events.
​The Association accepts members who work in the field of visual arts. Also the member / applicant is expected to use textiles as either a conceptual or factual part of their artistic process or (end result) artworks.

Contact Person 1: Sunna Kangas

Sunna Kangas born 1974 in Helsinki. She is a conceptual textile artist. She is Master of Arts from the University of Art and Design, Helsinki Finland and Bachelor of Arts, the Institute of Art and Design, Vantaa Finland. Sunna Kangas has participated in many group exhibitions in several countries. She has had nine personal exhibitions up to day and her works belong to private and public collections. She has taken part in many artist groups and organised international group exhibitions and workshops. She has made permanent public art works and she has received art grants.


Contact Person 2: Venla Martikainen

Venla Martikainen was born in 1982 in Kerimäki that is in Eastern part of Finland. She studied in the University of Art and Design Helsinki (UIAH ) 2001-2007, made her Masters degree 2007. Martikainen has participated in group exhibitions, has had cooperations with dancers and also had solo exhibitions. She is one of the founding member of UUTE.


UUTE Finnish Association of New Textile Art

00630 Helsinki, FI

area of expertise:

  • textile art
  • textile design
  • textile craft & production
  • future lab, smart textiles
  • green technology
  • philosophy & society

Sunna Kangas
Textile artist (MA) / chairwoman

Venla Martikainen
Textile artist (MA) / secretary