Karin Altmann

individual member, Austria

Indigo Dyeing, Bamako/Mali 2019
Altmann, Karin: FABRIC OF LIFE - Textile Arts in Bhutan, DeGruyter 2015

Karin Altmann is an Austrian artist, academic, researcher, art mediator and a senior lecturer at the Department of Textile Arts, University of Applied Arts Vienna, where she teaches on three main areas: dyeing with natural dyes, textile printing, and textile production fields. Besides, she has been developing and participating in a series of transcultural projects with international partners from Bhutan, Kyrgyzstan, Mexico, Japan, Ghana and Mali, and also in art projects with children, people with disabilities, refugees, and women in psychological or social need. As both an artist and researcher, her interests are the practical and theoretical exploration and development of the textile element as a specific mediality, with regard to its appearance and significance in art, culture and society, but also to its potential as networking model. Karin Altmann considers textiles as a dynamic, widely distributed element within our material culture, while theory and practise always relate to, extend and deepen each other.
Karin Altmann is board member of BHUTAN NETWORK and since February 2020 member of the ETN Team (Advisory Council).

Karin Altmann studied at the University of Applied Arts Vienna (Textiles - Free, Applied and Experimental Artistic Design), the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna (Design and Context) and the Wimbledon School of Art/London (Theatre- and Costume Design). After her diploma thesis, entitled Kyrgyz Felt Art in the Context of Nomadism and Shamanism, she wrote her doctoral thesis on Bhutan’s Textile Arts, published by De Gruyter in 2015.


Karin Altmann

artist, academic and researcher / Senior Lecturer at the University of Applied Arts Vienna
3400 Klosterneuburg, AT

area of expertise:

  • textile art
  • textile design
  • textile craft & production
  • textile heritage & cultural history
  • ethnografic textiles, folclore
  • green technology
  • textile didactics